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Today is Valentine's Day so of course I am going to write about LOVE. In preparation for this blog I decided to research the history of this holiday. I found accounts of Romans, early Christians, torture, imprisonment and sacrifices. Additionally there is a controversy as to who the real Saint Valentine was. Well, that threw a wrench in my box of chocolates.

Then I read statistics about the commercialism of this day...Hmm...I am losing momentum here. After doing research I am wondering where 'Love' fits into all of this.

Love is desired by everyone yet few can really explain it. We know it when we feel it or see it in someone's eyes or the sound of their voice. It is both an emotion and a gift. And it is one of the few things that is a gift to the person giving it as well as to the person receiving it. It is priceless and yet it doesn't cost a cent. What would this world be without it? Historically I believe we have come close to finding out at times and that should terrify us all.

So on this Valentine's Day, I wish all of you LOVE. May you know it as both the giver and the receiver. And all I ask is that you pass it on.

I hope you enjoy the stories and I hope you hear the voices between the words.

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Support Your Warriors

I write about warriors; men and women who rise above the rest. Men and women who overcome their fears with courage and integrity. While some of my characters may seem like super heroes, the real life men and women who risk their lives every day to protect and to serve us are truly super heroes. Please support your warriors. There are a variety of worthwhile organizations that need financial support and/or volunteers. Visit a hospital, send a card, say a prayer.

Thank you


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