Prophesy of Isto

The clan called Elods were once the most advanced and intelligent people in the World of Nunc. Every member of this clan was a clairvoyant. As a people they advanced in fields of medicine and sciences while other peoples were barely surviving. When the demons came to Nunc, the once beautiful world turned into a battlefield and no one was safe. The Elods originally lived on the land that is known as the Kingdom of Lentz.

Abekk was the leader of the Elods during the first period of dark ages in Nunc. A man renowned for his wisdom, he was held in the highest esteem of his people. Abekk had a vision. He wrote down the details of this vision and named it the Prophesy of Isto. In the vision, Abekk saw his entire clan butchered at the hands of the demons and barbarians. He called out, “Can we not change this future?” It was then he was shown a vision of a lush jungle filled with animals of every sort. He felt a sense of peace as he looked upon this scene and knew it was an answer for his people.

Abekk fasted and prayed for seven days, all the while asking where this promised land existed. The night of the seventh day he had a vision of a map and what he saw at first horrified him. The promised land existed in the center of the World of Nunc. Abekk drew the map and wrote down every tiny detail of his visions then he presented this information to his clan. While these people feared the unknown they feared the demons more. They voted and decided to leave the surface of the World of Nunc in search of a better life.

The Elods carefully planned their journey and created tools and other items they deemed necessary. Abekk never saw this promised land; he died during the journey as did all of the original members of his clan who were with him. The second generation of Elods who were born during this journey also died without seeing the fruits of their labor. It was the third generation of Elods who broke through the final rock wall and felt the warmth of a sun upon them. They were overwhelmed with the beauty of this new land. For all of their brilliance, the Elods never questioned where their sun or moon came from or how a world could exist within a world. They rejoiced with finally having a home.

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