Prophesy of Izera

The ancient Prophesy of Izera is contained on a scroll that is over seven feet long when unrolled. The language is Cerfic, a language now long forgotten. This language was created by the peasants of the western kingdoms of Opots as a means of protecting information from the tyrants and dark lords who ruled over them. This language is filled with descriptive phrases and within these phrases is hidden the Code of Denark.

The scroll containing this prophesy was written over a period of many years, by different scribes; but the part of interest here is the prediction of the downfall of Cedrick Teivel. He was a tyrant and dark lord who butchered his own tribe to gain his dark powers. I have omitted the long list of victims which is written in the original scroll.

Our mother (nature) has blessed us with many gifts this season. The intoxicating smell of the stasha flower fills the air always and brings peace to the senses. The birds and insects enjoy her aroma as much as her children. We are all blessed by the generosity of our mother. The rains came early this year and gave drink to motherís children of the ground. The forests and fields are rich and fertile. The fruit trees raise their branches to the skies and give thanks. We are all blessed by the generosity of our mother. All creatures are blessed by her and they rejoice as we do. The birds of the air, the fishes of the seas and the creatures who dwell in the bosom of her forests sing their songs of joy on this most beautiful summer morning. Our uncle (the wind) is gently blowing the flowers and alferto grasses as the yellow bird sings his song to his mate. Our grandfather (the sun) smiles upon us and we all feel the radiance of his love. He holds us close and breathes life into all of motherís children.

As our villages the forests that surround us give blessed life to their children, the children of our mother. They feed and protect their children as any mother would. But as with any family, sickness can strike, it can weaken, cripple and destroy the child and eventually the entire family. A sickness as old as our world has stricken us. It destroys and contaminates. It came to our village in the guise of two children, a boy and his sister. We were blind and took in these Children of Ahriman and their poison has stricken us all. The darkness is now unending and blocks out our grandfather. Our mother weeps, all mothers weep. Is there nothing that can bring the light back to our world?

We took these children in and gave them of our food, of our homes. As they walked among us strange sicknesses attacked our bodies and madness attacked our minds. The stench of death was upon us. Days turned into weeks and our people died. Those inflicted with the madness turned into demons, they killed and raped their families. Death was upon us. But the Children of Ahriman walked freely among us without being stricken in body or mind. When everyone in the village who still lived was stricken with some curse these Children of Ahriman said they could save us all if we would bow before them. They said they had seen other villages stricken as ours and they saved those people. Many fell to the ground and bowed before the faces of darkness and their bodies were healed but their spirits destroyed. Those of us who will not bow will be put to death. I sacrifice my body to save my spirit.

Prophesies of the Seven Sons

We have heard the stories of the Children of Ahriman. Every village has been cursed. We have prayed to our mother and grandfather to protect us but today the demons walked into our village the village of the Epocos. We did not recognize the faces of darkness and we took them in. As soon as they came to us they asked for one who was family with them. They asked for Morton. We watched with horror as Morton, one of our clan ran up to the Children of Ahriman and bowed before them. First the brother then his sister blew into Mortonís face. Morton screamed and jumped up. He turned and looked at his friends and family and we saw the face of the demon. The Children of Ahriman ordered the village to bow before them. When we did not the animal that Morton had become attacked. He tore us apart like a wild beast until we fell to our knees before the darkness.

These Children of Ahriman planted a seed in our loving and nurturing forest. They planted it not in the soil of our mother but in the blood of our brethren. They fed this seed, not with the rains but with the tears of our people. This seed has grown to a tree of enormous strength, it stands out from all others. The poison of its roots seep through the grounds and destroy all that lives. All of the children of mother weep. How can two children of the demons destroy all of our motherís children? I weep, we weep.

This tree of the monsters once lived among us but the Children of Ahriman feed it with their vile and he became immersed in their darkness. Its seeds bring horror to all people. The creatures of the waters, the creatures of the skies, the creatures of the forests flee before this tree of darkness but we are held hostage. My people will no longer understand what it is to be one with our mother again for we are being dragged into hell. The mighty oaks wither and die in the shadow cast by this tree. Our tears could fill rivers, our screams block the sound of our uncle. We wither and we die.

Prophesies of the Seven Sons

The tree of monsters has taken the name of the Children of Ahriman, he calls himself Teivel and he stands before an army of demons. He is spreading his sickness to all people. No one is safe. No village can stand before this army of Ahriman. The Kings army has fallen to the demons. The Kings men are butchered and their bodies hung in the trees their blood soaks the soil and the world weeps.

Prophesies of the Seven Sons

Every village has fallen to the army of demons but the village of the Venatores. Teivel led his army of demons against the Venatores. Teivelís armies spread to the ends of the horizons and surrounded the tiny village of Venatores. But the Venatores would not bow before Teivel. They were the children of one god they would not worship another.

Twelve days and twelve nights the Venatores fought off the demons and with the dawn of the thirteenth day the demons were defeated. Blood ran like rivers but the Venatores prevailed. The few stood against the forces of hell and won. Bodies littered the ground and our mother cried.

Teivel gathered the remnants of his army of demons. Wounded and defeated he cursed the Venatores. Never had he lost in battle. He swore he would return and destroy their kind. As he turned to leave an old and frail woman with a dark shawl covering her head suddenly appeared on the battlefield. As frail as her body her tongue was bold as she told Teivel that the village of Venatores was protected by their god and that the king of monsters had no power against this god. She told Teivel to change his ways.

Teivel stared at this woman with amusement for it appeared to him that she was an ant standing before the seas. He laughed and mocked the old woman. She walked closer to him, saying that from the seed of his loin would be born a child that would destroy him.

The king of monsters screamed with great pain and fell from his horse. His demons moved to attack the old woman but they too screamed and turned into piles of ashes on the ground. The woman again told Teivel to change his ways. He sent curse upon curse upon the old woman and the god of the Venatores but she continued to walk towards him. His skin started to smoke and he rolled on the ground and screamed. The old woman bent down and whispered into the ear of darkness. The king of monsters was filled with fear. He mounted his horse and ran from the village of the Venatores. He would not return.

Prophesies of the Seven Sons

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