Prophesy of The Seven Sons

The Prophesy of The Seven Sons was originally written in the Amark language. Legends say this was the original language of the children of The Great Ruler. This prophesy is contained in sets of two scrolls which measure a total of eighteen feet. For brevity only portions of the prophesy will be displayed here. This is believed to be one of the oldest prophesies in the World of Nunc.

The children of The Great Ruler lived in world of peace and harmony. They did not want for anything and Angels walked among them. But the children could not fight their humanity and they called to darkness. The demons promised the children great things if they would but call the demons into their perfect world. What the children received from the demons were fear, hatred and rage. These three conditions soon took many forms and the children started to destroy each other.

The children huddled in masses because they were too fearful to ever be alone. They choose to be in groups of like kinds and separated from those who did not look like them. They built great walls and dangerous weapons but their fears only grew. They created secret languages and killed those who could not understand the words.

The demons did not have to incite wars or crimes. They did not have to talk the children into prejudice or intolerance for the children developed these curses on their own. The fear the children created fed the demons as food to a body. The demons became stronger in this new feeding ground. The Light was lost and The Great Ruler wept.

Prophesies of the Seven Sons

The children of The Great Ruler will become so lost in their darkness that few will remember there was ever a Light. There, darkness will surge as waves on an ocean and during these times the demons will feast and the Angels will cry.

Prophesies of the Seven Sons

When the night seems endless there will emerge from the ashes Seven Sons of battle. Seven men forged by the fires of hell and they will do as none before them; they will unite and refuse to bow to the demons. They will help others to remember the words so long forgotten: courage, honor, integrity. And they will remind a world of darkness of The Great Ruler and His Angels.

These men will not come to their destinies easily. They will bear the scars of a dark world but they will choose to rise above their fears and prejudices. And for the first time since creation, they will call the Angels into the World of Nunc.

The Seven Sons of battle will ignite flames within others. Men and woman will break down the walls and listen to each otherís languages and they will unite. Their fears and prejudices will melt away as they see their world and those believed to be enemies with new eyes. And these men and women will give up their lives and follow the Seven Sons into battle.

They will win battle after battle and do irreparable harm to the demons and dark lords in the beginning of the war. And the people, those without the courage and integrity to stand up to the demons themselves will applaud the small army of the Seven Sons. But as darkness gathers and the humanity of the army of the Seven Sonís takes hold they will lose battles and great massacres will take place. The people will return to the demons who they perceive to be stronger, for these people cannot rise above their fears.

Exhausted and disillusioned the army of the Seven Sons will be betrayed by those they are trying to save. They will be tortured and killed. The demons will make examples of them to create fear within the people. Their faith and courage will be tested and some will not win these battles.

Prophesies of the Seven Sons

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