Prophesy of the Second Son

The prophesy of the Second Son was communicated in oral form for almost two centuries before it was written down. It was translated in several languages but it was first written in Gemay, a language that became popular in the lower kingdoms of Opots for several centuries. Because of this oral history and the translations it is unclear if parts of the prophesy have been lost.

Perhaps as a way to remember the prophesy it was turned into a child’s song. The song remained popular long after the original prophesy was forgotten.

The Song

The second son
Of the second son
Of the second son
Wants to be praised
But beware
He will bring darkness all his days

The madness burns within him
The anger and the pain
The people fled before him
For his wrath not to gain

The masters shrieked in horror
At the evil they created
The world called to darkness
Holy altars desecrated

The doors to hell were opened
The monsters, the insane
Were set upon the children
What was to be gained?

Those who revel in the shadows will cast a curse upon mankind of such diabolic proportions as to destroy the world. The seeds of men themselves will raise up and destroy them. The seeds of life, the seeds of men will be cursed and this curse will be passed down from the second son to the second son to the second son. Three generations will bring forth monsters. As mothers bear their sons so will these cursed seeds bear their demons.

But those who would create such darkness will lose control of the monsters they create. The sons will devour the fathers. The monsters will devour their masters.

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