Prophesy of the Blood Moon

This demonic prophesy was first translated into the human language of Shamac by the powerful sorcerer Stafus. He was the first person in the World of Nunc to break the codes of one of the demonic languages and he later suffered greatly for his actions. Stafus shared this short but powerful prophesy with others because it is a warning of a time when the demons will be powerful enough to open the barriers between worlds. But Stafus could not break the code of the demonic calendar, so he could not foretell when the prophesy would take place.

On the thirteenth night of the blood moon, in the year of Zenus the doors will be opened and the waters will part. The blood that is spilled will rejuvenate the dead and fill them with power. And those who have long defied them will crumble before them.

The barren ground will be enriched by the blood sacrifices and the blood will reach the darkest of places and feed the creatures that hide from the light.

Thirteen slabs of stone will be placed around the Altar of Kenar. Each slab will be thirteen kenoes from the altar. Metal rings will be hammered into the stone at intervals of thirteen enots. The ropes securing the humans will be fastened to these rings. A Thresiose will be used to cut the throat of each sacrifice from right to left. The skies will darken and the ground will move with the power of each sacrifice until all of the doors to hell have broken open.

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