Languages of the
World of Nunc

Amark: legends say it was the original language of the children of The Great Ruler

Cerfic: an ancient language created by the peasants of the western kingdoms of Opots. Within the detailed descriptive phrases is a hidden code, the Code of Denark. This code allowed the peasants to send messages without their rulers, the tyrants and dark lords knowledge.

Cheyweg: the language of the Village of Tameric, which was located in the Kingdom of Marba.

Gemay: an ancient language that was once popular in the lower kingdoms of Opots.

Kaladac: an ancient language that was spoken in the Kingdom of Ryed for centuries. The Valdees Tribe of the Kingdom of Ogg speaks a variation of this language.

Lithanize: a language common to the southern kingdoms of the Continent of Opots.

Shamac: the language most commonly spoken in the kingdoms of the Continent of Opots.

Twanize: a common language in the Continent of Porto