Introduction into the
Astrum Solar System

The Astrum Solar System is unique because it has three suns that form a triangle. Seven planets orbit the suns.

Abrax: orbits the closest to the suns. It is a small dry planet that is not inhabited.

Traxsor: is the second planet in the Astrum Solar System. It is larger than Abrax and has one moon.

Nunc: is the third planet orbiting around the three suns. It is the world where the Continent of Opots exists. It has seven continents and one moon.

Planteen: is the fourth planet in the Astrum Solar System. It is inhabited and has two moons.

Sidus: is the fifth planet in this solar system and is unique because of the red fog that always surrounds it. This planet is inhabited but centuries earlier the demons conquered the humans and established the hell dimensions above ground. Sidus has one moon.

Filsum: is the sixth planet from the three suns. This planet has two moons.

Orantho: is the largest planet in the Astrum Solar System and has four moons. This planet is inhabited and it also has more hell dimensions than the other planets.