Sandra J Yearman
Sandra J Yearman
Hand on Sword
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Sandra J Yearman

A time of great darkness plagues the mythological world of Nunc; a darkness not seen since the beginning of time. Dark lords, demons and ruthless men scour the Continent of Opots searching for seven men who have no knowledge of their destinies. Seven men written about in ancient prophesies; men who could change the tide of time. The twelve kingdoms of Opots are in turmoil as wars rage and thrones are betrayed. Family secrets long hidden in the darkness surface to challenge the kings of three of the most powerful kingdoms.

Who Saves The Warrior

He sat in his shelter
Listening to the voices of the dead
The screams and the terror
Inhabited his head

War after war
Pieces remain
In the spirit and the body
In the horror and the pain

Warriors among us
Wounds that will not heal
The demons they fought
The demons still real

Discarded and homeless
No shelter, no bread
Who saves the warrior
When his spirit is dead

Dancing With Angels
Sandra J Yearman 2011

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A new convert to Fantasy tales of good and evil
By bookreader

Normally I am not a fantasy story reader but I was asked to read "Brother Kings" by a friend. After the first ten pages I could not put I down. In fact I am now 1/2 way through the third book in this series. Ms. Yearman's attention to detail and the vivid portrayal of the characters and their journey through this tale is both exciting and very thought provoking. The character development stays consistent throughout the story. The bad guys are despicable and stay that way the good guys are shining heroes and even in moments of doubt retain their nobility. The method Ms. Yearman takes to convey her story is captivating. The action is quick, well defined and keeps you from putting the book down until you absolutely have to. A good read. I am looking forward to reading the entire series.

Page Turner
By Rosebud Book Reviews

You don't have to be a reader of fantasy (I'm not) to quickly become engrossed in Yearman's first novel (one of eight in her Warrior series) filled with characters so rich in the depths of good and evil, comprised of demons and dragons, heroes and heroines that come to life off the page in what is sure to become a work for the screen! I am thoroughly enjoying this first book, its quick pace, and easy style of writing that make me feel like I am living the story, always ready to turn the page. I would highly recommend this to anyone who loves to read.

By eaglevalleyaero

This is a fascinating and seductive adventure into imaginary lands of kings, princes, romance, demons, and other-worldly creatures about which the author keeps you guessing. The story flows extremely well, and keeps the reader wondering in anticipation what is going to happen next, where, and to whom. Can't wait for the movie!